Super Fixture

Season 2014 Fixture

13-April-14 Round 1 v Bendigo at Home
04-May-14 Round 2 v Gisborne O47 at Gisborne
18-May-14 Round 3 v Kerang at Kerang
01-Jun-14 Round 4 BYE
6th+7thJun-14 Bali Masters 9’s in Bali
15-Jun-14 Round 5 BYE
29-Jun-14 Round 6 v Ballarat at Home
13-Jul-14 Round 7 v Sunbury at Home
27-Jul-14 Round 8 v Murray Masters at Wodonga
10-Aug-14 Round 9 v Glenorden at Home
24-Aug-14 Round 10 v Geelong O47 at Geelong
27th Sept – 4th Oct National Carnival Adelaide

##Games are played on Sunday unless stated otherwise##

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Castlemaine Masters Club: Expectations of Members

Castlemaine Masters is committed to the ideals, principles and disciplines of the Victorian Country MAF League as expressed in the Philosophy and Code of Conduct as displayed on their website and shall be adhered to at all times by Castlemaine Masters members, players and supporters. In addition;

  1. We are about keeping fit, playing football for fun and enjoyment for all. It’s not all about winning. Egos are to be left at home. Everybody is welcome. You don’t have to play matches to be involved or made welcome to training. Look out for your team mates’ well being at all times
  2. We shall recognise good performance and applaud the efforts of both teams and umpires. Criticism of other player’s performance and ability is not acceptable – Compliments only.
  3. On and off field fighting, abusive, bad or threatening language at any game or club function is unacceptable. If approaching a dangerous contest where injury is possible, please pull out, we’re not playing for points, prizes or pewter mugs.
  4. Good humour and fun times are to be encouraged as well as learning from each other and respecting different perspectives. Disputing an umpire’s decision or abuse of any umpire or official is unacceptable .
  5. Whilst every player will be given the chance to play, selection and time on the ground cannot help but be influenced by the following; paid membership, attendance at training, participation in club activities and duties and willingness to travel to away games.
  6. The above does not mean that players who cannot train or play regularly will not be welcomed and get a game, however they must be prepared to accept and understand our priorities, just as we understand that at our age there are a variety of factors and commitments that prevent some players being available each week.
  7. Hospitality to visiting teams is very important. Every player is required to bring afternoon tea to all home games. As we partake of other team’s hospitality during our travels to away games, all players should recognise the importance of returning the favour.

10. Castlemaine recognises the importance of involving our families in our functions and will make a conscious effort to select appropriate activities and keep costs low. Free minibus travel will be provided for as long as we deem it affordable to paid up members as will subsidised social functions.

  1. Racial or religious abuse, vilification, actions that may offend another or are illegal will not be tolerated.
  2. New players are always very welcome, but should be made fully aware of the injury risks, Philosophy and Code of Conduct and adhere to what is required of them as a representative of Castlemaine and AFL Masters. 
  3. All complaints, concerns, grievances and ideas should be brought before the executive for fair hearing. Thereafter, Members, players and supporters shall respect and abide by directives of the executive.
  4. Non Members or players owing money to the Club are ineligible for match day awards.
  5. Umpires should be escorted to both team rooms where they will instruct on the rules and expected behaviours during play -what will be paid/tolerated and what won’t be.


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